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Rezztek® padel

Rezztek® Padel GripStrips

Rezztek® Padel GripStrips

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Enhance your control & spin

More grip in your racket’s sweet spot means more spin on your shots. More spin results in lower bounce on your serves, bandejas and volleys, making it harder for your opponents to return your shots. More spin means more kick on your smash, helping you kick smash it out of the court. Rezztek® Padel GripStrips fit on all racket types and sizes.

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Each padel racket that you purchase in our store comes with a free Rezztek® material on one side of the racket.

You can easily customize your racket with a few unique designs.

Make your racket truly yours and stand out on the court!

"Rezztek® has definitely evolved my game to new heights. I am able to keep the ball lower and have more control."

- Reinis from Latvia -

  • "I am using Rezztek® on my Babolat padel racket. I can add more spin to my shots and enjoy better control at the same time"

    - Guillem, Spain

  • "I use Rezztek® on my Head padel racket. Helps me to unlock court areas that I was not able to reach previously"

    - Peter, Slovakia

  • "I bought my racket with my own custom design – it was delivered in a few days!"

    - Sara, Sweden

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