How will Rezztek® set you apart?

Rezztek® is a unique material that allows players to enhance their performance and customize their racket to express their individuality.


Rezztek® has multiple layers, each specifically designed for your performance. Light, thin yet resistant and durable to keep your top performance throughout the game. Extra grip for more spin and control. Full individual customization to stand out on the court not only because of your game.

Test it


Independent tests by the renowned Slovak Academy of Sciences compared the friction coefficients of currently available Padel rackets by manufacturers of the likes of Babolat, Bullpadel, Head, Wilson and others to assess how much
control, rotation and accuracy they can provide to the players. Rezztek® enhances all available Padel rackets by adding more spin and control to your shots, through Rezztek®‘s super thin and light additional material layer that applies to the rackets‘ hitting area.
Bounce test (PDF) Friction test (PDF)

Personalize Your Look with Rezztek®

Choose your racket, color and style and then top it all up with your own custom design. Set yourself apart from competition.


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