Frequently asked questions...

How can I track my order?

After it is shipped out, you will receive confirmation email to the e-mail address, which you used to place order! There you will find either tracking code with link or the confirmation number of shipment! 

1. Check the Email for tracking code

2. If you cannot find the email, contact us! It is mandatory to write your order ID number in the message! *usually person there replies within one working day or a bit more depending on situation!

How long the Rezztek® grip will last?

The Rezztek® grip will live as long as your racket does, so the end of it can be only if you put the racket away ;)

Where does Rezztek® ship to?

We deliver our orders trough-out the whole world.

Other Questions

In case, you have any other questions, you can write them to us...

All clear?

In case, you did not find the answer you were looking for, please, do not hesitate and contact us.