About us

We have developed Rezztek® at first for the blade of the ice-hockey stick. Today, Rezztek® is used in the National Hockey League (NHL), Olympic games and in all elite hockey leagues around the world. With the emergence of padel, we saw immediately that with some changes, a variation of the Rezztek® material can enhance performance of padel players as well. To our surprise, all padel manufacturers are producing rackets with different hitting surfaces, while claiming some of them provide more spin or control. However, scientific testing shows that the different surfaces do very little in terms of friction, spin and control, and Rezztek® can significantly improve these characteristics, and provide a better alternative than any currently available racket in the market. So we made it our goal to bring Rezztek® to the world of padel, enhancing one racket at a time, while also allowing our customers to customize their racket with unique designs or personal touches.

Team Rezztek®