How do I choose the racket with the correct balance?

How do I choose the racket with the correct balance?

The padel rackets usually have three difference categories of balance: low, high and medium.

A low balance means the racket will be easy to play, give you plenty of control and also will not feel heavy in your hand. A low balance racket is ideal for players that want to have good control of their shots and also not put extra pressure on their elbow, shoulder and wrist. The disadvantage of the low balance racket is that it does not give you more power for shots when you need it, like the smash or the volley. Players with agressive attacking style therefore very rarely choose a low balance racket

A high balance racket will do the exact opposite. It will compliment an attacking style of play with additional power in your smashes or volleys. At the same time, it will feel a bit heavier in your hand, and it will not give you as much control as a low balance racket.

A medium balance racket is the best choice if you are new to padel, have yet to develop your own style of play and want to have best of the two above. Good control, with a bit of extra power and speed for your more agressive choice, a medium balanced padel racket is ideal until you develop your own unique style of play.

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